Monday, February 2, 2015


Peachess went to Trenton in an area that she knew even the police were afraid to go.But she wanted to see if she could find a few families who needed toys for their children.So with her truck full of toys marked for boys and girls by ages she drove to a lit up parking lot.After about 20 minutes of waiting she noticed a woman walking through the 6 inch snow.The woman had only a sweater on and no gloves.In her hands was a quart of milk.Peachess yelled out to her from the truck asking her if she would like a pair of gloves and a scarf she had in her passenger seat.The woman approached the truck cautiously.She asked her what are you doing in this area?Especially you being a while woman after 5pm could be dangerous.Peachess laughed and told her she had toys to give to any one in need.And thought Santa might of been afraid to show up there so she came instead.The woman said"oh thank you Jesus,my children have nothing for Christmas not even a tree,she proceeded to tell Peachess she worked at McDonalds 6 days a week just to make ends meet.She had to walk she could never afford a bus or a taxi.Peachess got out of the truck and took her to several totes in the back of the truck.The totes were marked boys and girls teens,boys and girls toddlers,boys and girls preteens.The woman said,"how many gifts can I have?Peachess said "3".The woman with tears in her eyes said"maybe just 1 each since I still have to walk aways and I cant carry everything plus the milk".Anyone who knows Peachess knows should always has a solution too a problem,she gave the woman a ride to her place.And the woman asked her if she could get her neighbor to come and get a few toys from her.Needless to say Peachess had several moms coming to the truck to get some gifts.The word spreaded like fire she said.The woman who worked at McDonalds had newspaper on her windows.So a week later Peachess returned to the house and left a box on her door with curtains.The following week Peachess was in Trenton and decided to drive past the woman's house.And there the curtains were hung.(Peachess drove the woman 2 blocks from where she first met her).That Winter the roads were icy and the snowfall in some places were 6 inches deep.Only a fool would of been out Peachess said.Or someone who had to go to work.
To this day Peachess visits this area near Christmas.She has never had any problems from any thugs,perhaps because its to nasty for them to go outside or they know she comes bearing

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