Sunday, October 7, 2012

Todays drop off met the family 1/2 way

Birthday present for
16 yr old boy cake
and watch

Father taking items
out of car.Noticed
he could not use his
other arm.He mentioned
he had pinched nerve
in neck & back area
and would need surgery
for reuse of right arm.
This cute little girl
helped with items.
Her hair needed
brushing but mother stated
all their personal belongings
they lost in storage.Even
brush and comb.They were
only 3 weeks behind on payment
for storage shed when auctioned off.

Whole family had sandals
or flip flops on with socks.
Children all had clothes on that
appeared to big for them.

note*Children have not
been going to school due to no school supplies.Happy to say we gave them
school supplies,back packs and a few clothes.Thanks to everyone who
donated to us.We will be putting this family on our Christmas
List for 2012

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  1. Who can I contact about donating girls shoes and clothing for this family?

    Thank you,