Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dorothy's Christmas Wish 4 Children in Projects

Dorothy is planning on
doing 2 projects in Camden
again this year.And 1 poor section
in Sicklerville.After taking a
survey of the children's Christmas
requests it comes out like this.
The majority of boys first requests
were guns,knives or arrows.Because
we do not give out anything related
to violence Dorothy told them they would
need to think of something else.Their
responses 15 boys wanted sports related gifts,
such as sports cards,sports games & even sports blankets.
3 boys wanted big trucks,4 boys wanted transformers
2 toddlers wanted blocks. Total boys-24
Girls requests were dolls and crafts.Broken down
Dorothy would need 25 black dolls,3 Spanish looking dolls,
2 white barbie dolls,3 crafts and 1educationel toy
for toddler girl. total girls-34
(note*children are a product of their environment,do
you think if these boys lived somewhere else guns,knives
and arrows would of been their first request???
We ask for new toys for Christmas.The majority
of these children also need gloves.
   TOTAL CHILDREN of 3 projects 58.
Not sure how many of these requests we
can fill but we will try our best with the help
of Santas elves.

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