Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ages 8,10 & 12.Any toys would be nice
since they no longer have any.Lost in Storm.
Mom wants tioletries with 14 yr old son on unemployment
son wants 1 game for playstation
14.elderly couple would like a comforter
for their queen bed(bed was donated to them)
They live on one social security check
13-mom with set of 6 yr old twin girls
and a 9 yr old girl(father died recently
girls would all like games and nail polish
with stickers for nails
12-struggling mom with 2 children.
Father left when daughter was
diagnosed with Down Syndrome.
da-6 yrs  likes dolls and bubble baths
son-8 yrs old is autistic and seems to
like blankets and soft trucks
mom would like perfume
11-single mom with 1 yr old daughter
needs shoes size 5   needs size 5 diapers
needs a childs blanket & Dad
mom no longer works
dad barely making ends meet
dad would like after shave
mom would like a nice necklace
8 yr old boy  likes wrestling and wears size 8 clothes
6 yr old girl is a girly girl likes dress up,jewelry and art
9.Autistic boy with single mom
8 yr old boy usually rocks in corner
however when he hears or see a fire truck
he gets all excited.Will look out the window
and watches for it.Mom would like
him to have his own firetruck.Due to no social
skills he has no friends with a 4 yr old boy and infant boy
mom would like anything to make her feel
4 yr old boy loves blocks,logs and cars
infant boy any toy for 6 mos old
7.Mom ,dad with 5 children
lost house they were living in,starting over
with the help of food stamps and welfare
mom wants a robe size medium
dad unable to work at this time due to damage in right
shoulder,arm and lower back.He asked for nothing.
boy 16 yrs wants cool games,size 16 regular sweat pants
boy 14 yrs wants anything to do with sports,even a blankets
with sports on it,sports cards and the INVADER(whatever that is)
daughter 11 yrs needs a coat size 10,barbie house and doll,
daughter 8yrs wants boots size 11,umbrella,Hannah Montana stuff
and Furly
daughter 4 yrs old needs size 3t coat,boots size 11
wants a pet pillow and anything fisher price with a 9 yr old son
mom died of Cancer
dad would like cologne and socks
9 yr old son likes trucks and airplanes
5.single mom with 10 children
husband was killed
would like makeup for older daughters
(light skinned black family-tan)
puzzles for boys and girls
2 black barbies
games for boys
sports related items for boys also
NOTE*They do things as a family
and share their toys etc.
4.grandpa wants to get Christmas gifts for grandkids
he is on a small income and never seems to be
able to afford items for holidays or
their birthdays.
7 yr old boy likes trains and wants a cool watch
4 yr old girl wants barbie doll and doll house
3 yr old girl wants a doll that talks

3.Paralyzed man and girlfriend with medical problems
man would like a grabber so he could reach things
on floor.(paralyzed from waist down)also an electric
razor because his hand shakes to much with razor blade
girlfriend would like a nice perfume
2.single mom with 5 children
girl 15 yrs old-makeup,likes art and jewelry
girl 8 yrs old likes girly girl stuff and games
boy 12 yrs old-likes trains and sports games
boy 3 yrs old likes cars and blocks
boy 18 mos.any toy
all children need gloves
mom would like perfume or a jewelry box with one piece
of jewelry with 2 daughters and 1 son
5 yr old daughter wants a black barbie and a dora toy
4 yr old son wants big leggos and control cars
10 yr old daughter wants a black barbie,nail polish,hair accessory's
and a game
mom wants a robe size 3 or 4 x

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