Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peachess has been busy

1.Peachess received 2 truck loads of items from
Brad in Shamonge.
2Peachess received several totes of children's clothes
from Sandra in Burlington
3Peachess heard of a family in Burlington Co.
that just lost their food stamps due to husband getting
a raise.Even though his raise starts next month .This month having
no groceries made things alittle tight.Thanks to some extra
HUNGRY MAN dinners we had left over and cereal Peachess
was able to give to this family.
They were so surprised but happy.
4.A neighbor down the street from Peachess just had
a little boy and the teen did not have many items for the baby.
Peachess gave her a stroller,baby boy clothes,baby shampoo,desitin,
bottles,baby blankets and 2 pairs of booties.Her mother is not
very supportive and seems to have some issues with alcohol
5.Peachess received some cat food and dog food.She will use it
for a feral cat colony she feeds.
6.several coats were donated to a few street people with socks

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