Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Volunteer

There are many reasons  people volunteer
a desire to learn new skills
make a difference in the world or other peoples lives
Some people are passionate about what they do
and want to do good for others.Some have
suffered through similar situations and want to give
back to the community.
to help the community
to keep busy
to feel proud of helping those less fortunate
as therapy
for religious reasons
because,of personal experience with the cause,illness or problem
because it is the right thing to do
Whatever reason one has, the world is surely a better place for having volunteers.
And organizations such as ours could not exist without them.
As for myself I was raised by parents that both did volunteer services
or gave a helping hand to others less fortunate.Be it my mother
being a volunteer for the local hospital,my father using his back hoe to plow driveways in the Winter months free for those who were on a fixed income.Or fixing shingles on someones roof.My siblings and I
were raised knowing it was better to give than receive.We all enjoyed
the way it made us feel afterwards.My sister Peachess often
donated blood to Red Cross,stayed up manning the phones for the
Jerry Lewis telethon,babysit free for young moms who could not afford a babysitter and even stood in a long line to buy a cabbage patch doll for alittle girl  who was dying in a hospital.My sister Wanda was known for caring for a few elderly people and doing their shopping when they were unable to care for
themselves.She also would read to some of the elderly in nursing homes.Angel the youngest sister volunteered for Red Cross,soup kitchens and even went to help for Hurricane Katrina.While in New Orleans it was there she decided she wanted to become a nurse.
I am happy to say she is now an R.N
My brother Mark often raked peoples yards or shoveled  snow for the neighbors who could no longer do it.I actually started thinking of others at 5 yrs old.I would save my allowance or birthday money and mail it to C.A.R.E. to help the hungry people.When I was 6 yrs old
my picture was actually published in the Burlington Co.Herald Newspaper because I donated money to C.A.R.E.When I got older I volunteered for Red Cross,volunteered for Walson Army Hospital and drove people  to doctors appointments all they had to do was pay for the gas.I donated my time They often say people are a product of their environment if so those we helped have my parents to thank.

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