Saturday, June 15, 2013

While at the restaurant

While Fr John and I were at the restaurant we were talking about how many families we have helped over the years. Thanks to all the generous people who have donated clothes,toys and money.Without them we would never of been able to do this.Anyway,the waiter came over and said"I over heard your conversation and know of a women who sure could use some help".And from their FR John asked about the woman's situation.Seems as if her husband just left her 2 mos ago.She has 3 boys a 4yr old,a 2yr old and a 3month old.She moved in with a friend for now since she was totally dependant on her husband.And was unable to pay for her apartment.The boys desperately need socks and clothes the waiter said.And maybe some food,well atleast some cereals for the 2 oldest boys.The sizes are 4-5 T,2T and 3-6 mos.Mom wears size large tops and size 36 waist pants.We assured him we would like to help but our donations have been down and we would have to wait for some infant boy clothes to come in.Also some size 4-5Tand women clothes size large.However we did have some 2T clothes,cereal,peanut butter,jelly,spaghetti,sauce,snacks,soups and rice that we would be more than glad to give this mom at this time.If anyone would like to donate any items for this family please let us know.Email us at
We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to pick up at your convenience.Thanks

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