Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Donation for Sunflower Lady

Susan from Plumsted Twnship
just happened to have a few
sunflower items.When she
asked me what else
could the woman use for her
new apartment.I told Susan the
woman use to bake.Only she
had no kitchen supplies yet.
  Met Susan this morning at the
CVS parking lot.She gave me
several boxes for this woman.
teapot & matching cups&saucers.
2 Pyrex pans,2 muffin tins,
1 tube cake pan,pretty platter,
sunflower painting,sunflower plates
to hang on wall.Not counting
silverware and cooking utensils.
Of course anyone who knows
Susan knows she bakes the best
cakes,cookies and muffins .So you
see why she was so helpful.Its
one baker to
 I made the mistake of telling
the woman about Sunflower picture
 and some items we will give her
Thursday .She has already called
me 4 times and asked if I could meet
her earlier.She definately sounded
eager for her goodies.Remind me never
to tell someone we have stuff for them unless
its the day we are going to see them.

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