Friday, November 2, 2012


We have been asked  by 2 families
from Seaside if we could get some items
for them when they get situated.The list
so far consists of blankets,silver ware,
dishes,toiletries and pots n pans.We were
told that quite a few churches are collecting
clothes for them.Plus one family is getting assistance
from a reputable organization.
The one family has 3 boys and had just
bought a house on the bay near Seaside.
They are staying with relatives.Saw there house on
tv they lost everything.The other family is an elderly couple
they will get back in touch with us once they get
settled.They asked for kitchen items and blankets.
We have only been asked by 2 families so far for assistance.
If we get any more requests we will post them.
If anyone would like to donate the items mentioned
above we would be more than glad to schedule a pick up.Thanks

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