Saturday, April 19, 2014


As I waited in CVS for my prescription this morning. I saw a woman crying. I approached the elderly woman and asked" why is it you are crying? Are you ok? Her response(my grandson has been arrested for physically abusing his mother my daughter, I just don't understand how a gentle child has grown up to be like this)I told her "the devil walks among us in all forms and often leads the weak to his way of thinking, I continued to tell her things that I thought maybe Fr John would of said if he was with us ."She asked me(do you think I should even visit or write to him in prison? After what he has done to his mother?)I told her we are not here to judge people .It is true the act he did was evil ,and it most likely had been going on for some time. Perhaps when and if she writes she could send him literature on  how to become a better person and encourage him to speak with the Chaplin at the prison. I also gave her Fr John's phone number and told her if her daughter or herself need to talk to someone that Fr John was a good listener.
*seems as if  there are so many people in this day and age affected by evil things around them. Families are  being torn apart . Friends abandoning friends. Neighbors no longer being neighborly. We must as a whole make an effort to do what God would want .No matter how tempted we might be to follow the devils path. We must repent for our sins and reach out to others in troubled times. We must not turn our backs on those who are struggling with their daily lives. Sometimes just 1 person reaching out to another can make a world of difference .It could bring them hope, it could show them they are not alone, it could let them know that someone cares. It could even save a life.
I remember yrs ago when I was a candy striper(volunteer in a hospital)a young girl came in she was crying and acting hysterical. I found out later she had taken an over dose of pills but her little sister had walked in on her and saw her swallowing bottles of pills .And asked her not to leave her because she would be alone. The  girl then called the ambulance herself and was brought in to have her stomach pumped and to go up to the floor for counseling .I hate to think what would of happened if her sister had not walked in on her . The little sister would of been not only alone but probably always wondered why she wanted to take her own life. What can make someone so sad that they want to kill themselves and leave their loved ones behind. I will never understand.Because often the following day things can change for the better. And from that moment on I realized 1 person can make all the difference in the world for another.

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