Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2 deliveries to 1 house

The school supplies we will never forget delivering.
A woman had emailed us 1 year.She had 4 children and desperately needed school supplies.She told us she lived in a big old house at the end of her dead end street in Maple Shade.Sounded easy enough,so we decided on a day to drop off the items.When we arrived at the house no one came out to meet us and we knew we were told the woman would be out on the porch waiting.So Fr John walked up to the door and knocked.When the woman opened the door she looked like she had just woken up.But Fr John thought nothing of it.He proceeded to tell her he had the school supplies for her children.She was amazed and kept telling him what a blessing since she did not know what she was going to do about school.She came over and met me and explained it was like God answering her prayers for her children.We left happy.When we arrived home we had an email from the woman in Maple Shade saying how she waited on her porch for over an hour but we never arrived and hoped we were okay.When I emailed her back I asked for her phone number since I needed to talk to her about this confusing situation.When I received her email I called her immediately.Seems as if she lived in the back of the house .She had never told us to go to the front nor the back door.We just assumed the front door to the house is where she lived.When I explained toher we gave the items to the woman in the front she said "oh she has 4 children too,only all girls"she said"maybe I should go over and ask for the stuff".Fr John and I figured since it was our mistake we would return with school supplies for this woman and her children.The only difference was we bought the stuff it wasn't donated.We have learned from this experience to always ask if any other family lives in the

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