Saturday, July 4, 2015


Sharon was an alcoholic who had tried numerous times to stay sober.She also had been a woman that had been abused for yrs at the hands of her husband.Sharon had 1 daughter that was 8 yrs old.Sharon had tolerated her husbands abuse but when he went to start pushing and hitting on her daughter she finally got the strength to leave him.She went into a shelter.When Peachess met Sharon through another woman staying at the same shelter she noticed Sharon was unkept looking and seem...ed somewhat withdrawn.Perhaps because she hadn't had a drink in awhile or maybe just the whole situation of being there not knowing what will happen next.Peachess talked with her and asked her if she would like some items which had been donated.Sharon was very moved to think someone would take an interest in her and her daughter.So Peachess returned a few days later with makeup and clothes.And even a few toys for her daughter and the other children to share.
Peachess has often reached out to women in shelters over the years.Peachess knows many feel worthless and have not done anything for themselves in yrs.Often just putting on makeup can help them start feeling good about themselves again.Being in the shelter women can go to counseling for their problems and AAA meetings.In hopes of giving them the tools they will need to start becoming responsible and productive individuals in society again.
Some even go back to school and get their GED.But the one thing they all seem to have in common is they always have a fear of the abusive boyfriend/husband finding them or hurting them again.Many of the women Peachess has met stay in touch with her and let her know how they are doing.Plus Peachess continues to give their children Christmas gifts if she knows where they are.But without all the generous people donating Peachess would not be able to help.So for all those who have helped over the years we would like you to know you have made a difference and we thank  you!

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