Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Very Tip of the Iceberg..........

I never think to take pictures - but Pat bugged me (SMILE) so here it is - a couple of photos for the Transitional House ladies - The bags in my SUV are just a very few of the enormous amount of donations from generous women from many NJ counties.  I just happened to remember Pat's request while waiting to meet Peaches.  The infant seat and push toy are just 2 of the many items from One Small Wish.  

The Transitional women will be an ongoing project for us - especially as they mainstream to their own dwellings.  This is a pet project of mine and I want to thank each and every woman I met during this process - you guys are all terrific and generous to a fault!!!  

A few pics - 

The women were thrilled and couldn't believe total strangers cared enough to want to give them the comforts of daily living.  BOO-RAH!!!!!!

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