Sunday, February 2, 2014


Helen was so excited to move to a bigger apartment. After 1 month her rent is now 475.00 a month that included everything. Yet it is to much money for her on her small social security check. This is the life for those on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Their income if any is barely enough to pay for rent plus afford to buy food. Helen now has relocated to a broken down trailor which she can financially afford but only has a small heater in her bedroom..She has been spending a lot of time under her comforter. She told our volunteer it is freezing in the trailor. Their weather right now is colder than ours and it was snowing when our volunteer talked with her . It is sad to think in USA there are many who are cold and hungry tonight. This is why we try to encourage people to please donate to local food banks or reputable organizations who are honestly trying to help those in need.
There are many like Helen on the reservation. One Spirit is an Organization who actually tries to reach those who have none or very little. If you would like to sponsor a needy family on the reservation(which has the poorest people in USA)please go to their site. This site is where our volunteer found Helen. Since she had seen first hand the poor living conditions on her past visit in October.

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