Saturday, August 23, 2014

Marcy's story

Marcy had a broken spirit  by the time we met her. She had been in and out of shelters and motels.Her daughter Donna always wanted a bike. But Marcy was so busy trying to make ends meet and constantly worrying if her abusive boyfriend would find her that she never focused on what Donna wished for .We heard about Marcy and her daughter from a woman in the motel where she was staying. We knew there would be a good chance of Marcy being moved again. So we put a request out for a bike for a 8yr old girl. Since it was close to Christmas we thought for sure someone would donate one. Well a woman name Laurie from Pt Pleasant not only donated a girls bike but numerous Christmas toys for us to give out. When we arrived at the hotel the woman who got in touch with us introduced us to Marcy.
Marcy was hesitant to talk to us.Once she heard Fr John was a Priest she broke down in tears and he took her aside to talk and pray with her. Meanwhile the little girl was estatic and tried out her new bike with a helmet included. We also gave them a very small Christmas tree with decorations,a doll and some make up and clothes for both. Fr John left her with some pamphlets about getting
through difficult times, about faith and also about self esteem.A year went bye before we received an email from the woman who originally told us about Marcy.Seems as if the woman and Marcy moved into an apartment together.The woman had a job now and said things could not be better.Finally Marcy was at peace after learning her xboyfriend was in prison for an unrelated incident.And he would not be getting out for along time.The little girl rides her bike daily and they both started church.Fr John smiled ear to ear when I had read him the email.He said 'never under estimate the power of faith and prayer:.Of course knowing someone cared enough to reach out to them I am sure helped.

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