Monday, August 25, 2014


So here is a run down on how we were fortunate enough to meet them.I placed a request on a paper asking for anyone to give some much needed baby items to us.The paper hung for awhile on the bulletin board at the grocery store in New Eygpt.Then one day someone called and told me they could get some baby items for us.Her name was Susan.When I met ...her I could tell right away she was eager to help and had a soft spot for children.She told me she also was a seamstress and loved to sew.And offered to make pjs or clothes for any of the children if needed.I remember leaving her thinking wow is she a nice woman.So friendly and caring.Susan continued helping and still does.
The silent volunteer is Susan's friend.She decided to come on board when she heard about the good we were trying to do with people who struggle day to day just trying to get the basics like clothes,toys and school supplies for their children.The silent volunteer not only goes out of her way to gather items we need but on occasion makes deliveries if they are in Atlantic county.And she always has a smile whenever we see her.She also is a caring and kind woman.
We met Dorothy because we heard of a woman who wanted lots of candy canes the more the better.She wanted to hand them out near Christmas for the children in a poor area near Camden.Fr John bought a lot of boxes of candy canes and we met Dorothy in Hammonton.We could tell from the beginning she was very passionate about children.We learned she had lost a little girl name Tiffany.And she gave things to those less fortunate in memorey of Tiffany.In fact she had a small site called TIFFANY PAYS IT FORWARD.And she had been giving things to those without for quite sometime. Dorothy said"it is what my daughter would want.My daughter was so wise beyond her years.She was my buddy"
We continued keeping in touch with Dorothy.Then oneday Dorothy said"I think I would like to be a volunteer for Reys Of Hope.And we were blessed with her.Dorothy is a thin woman and often doesn't feel well due to numerous health issues.But come Christmas no matter how she feels she drags her self out of bed to give toys to the children.Now that's what I call dedication.
John is our Christmas volunteer .He often delivers for us at Christmas . If he is unable to.He makes a financial donation for Christmas. Which helps towards gas expenses so we can deliver and buying items for the holiday.John also picked up a handicapped ramp and put it down for a person who was paralyzed. And as if that wasn't enough John spent a whole day packing and loading up items at our garage so items could be shipped to an Indian reservation. With the use of his bosses donated truck. John is alikible guy with a humor that only Fr John seems to He has visited Fr John several times. Once even when he was in the hospital.
Lorrie & Tim volunteered one year to wrap Christmas presents for us. And continue helping through out the year. Be it gathering up children's clothes from neighbors or friends. Or telling people we need items for children . They have wrapped gifts for us for 3 yrs with never a complaint. Tim comes and picks the gifts up. And after they are all wrapped Tim brings them back. Tim unloads them and puts them in the garage always with a smile. These people are a loving couple and through all their hardships they still have a kind word to say . They try to find the good in everything no matter what comes their way. Like our other volunteers they love God and it shows when
you have a conversation with them. They also reach out to the neighborhood children and welcome them into their house with Bible study or games. To keep them off the street.
Debbie came to us one year with a car full of donations. From the moment we met her Fr John and I could tell she admired her husband and children. She spoke of them fondly. Debbie told us how her husband always was a good provider for her and the children. How they had triplet girls who were all going to college and a young boy who liked to surf.It just seemed natural talking with her. In fact she told us she would be donating more stuff when she had it.
Debbie one day after another donation said "if you ever need me to pick up items for you let me know,I will be more than happy to get them. Well we took her up on her offer and she has been picking up and delivering items for us going on 4 yrs.

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