Monday, November 4, 2013

Atttention Attention to all Santa's elves

The List  Begins;

1.elderly woman would like a robe size 3x for Christmas.THIS WOMAN HAS BEEN ADOPTED

2 #.single  mom with 3 children 
a. daughter 13 yrs old  likes anything to do with art and would like a fuzzy blanket
b. 2 yr old daughter likes all toys and barrettes in her hair
c.6 mos. boy needs clothes size 9-12 mos

3.*single mom with 4 children
all of the children still need school supplies with a back pack
they also all need gloves and socks
a.13 yr boy likes anything to do with flying
b.10 yr boy likes drawing and reading about science
c.8 yr girl wants a twin comforter for her bed.Something girly and art supplies
d.5 yr boy likes anything to do with trucks

4.single mom would like boots size 10
9 yr daughter wants boots size 9 womens and a blanket to cuddle up with when watching tv

5.single dad would like 3x shirts and socks
4 yr old boy would like pjs  size 6 and a cool car
10 yr old boy wants a bed set size twin that is manly(lol,whatever that means

6 *elderly woman would like some sweet smelling soap,perfume and powder.

7.*single mom would like some blocks or big legos for her 4 yr old son,and he wears size 5t clothes-THIS FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED

8. *Ocean co. single mom would like help for Christmas.Her holiday savings went to bury her father,who unexpectedly died.
a.15 yr old girl size 16 jr.pants,size 10 women shoes,wants pierced earrings,mystery books,make up,perfume,drawing set

b.12 yr old girl wants boots that look like uggs size 10/12 in girls
wants a nice purse ,music box,needa an alarm clock to help her wake up for school,loves crafts,
c.6 yr  old girl wears 7/8 clothes,size 2 boots in girls,loves hello kitty,barbie dolls,wants a rainbow loom bracelet maker and a baby doll with a stroeller
mom would like a board game to play with daughters.

9#dad with 1 son would like a nice bed spread size full to do with sports. His son is 10 yrs old and loves sports

10.young couple with a 3 mos baby boy,the couple would like a plush blanket for a full bed any color,and some silverware.(they have only a few pieces they bought at a yard sale).The baby wears size 3-6mosThis family has been adopted

11. *grandmother raising 2 grandchildren.(their mother is unfit
a. boy age 5 size 6/7 likes sports, cars ,transformers ,would like to have a soccer ball
b. girl age 7  size 8/10  wants a coat, a fluffy robe, likes lip gloss and would like 2 board games
grandmother would like toiletries, she is on a small income and says she always needs toilet paper and bath soap(she is not sure what the children do with it,lolThis family has been adopted

12.struggling  single mom with 3 boys
a.boy 10 yrs likes sports,fire trucks,cars,models or planes
b boy 8 yrs likes reading about astronauts and earth,science,would like a CHILDS BIBLE-something easy for him to read to his little brother with pictures in it
c boy 4 yrs,likes blocks,wants a firetruck or an ambulance,bowlingball set,gi joe or army men
MOM WANTS NOTHING BUT HER CHILDREN TO HAVE A NICE CHRISTMAS.Last Christmas was when there father left them. So this holiday will be the first without him.

13 *.Neighbor wants board games ,gloves and anything to do with maic. On soc. security so money is tight. Her neighbor who likes to drink seems to forget buying gifts for childrens birthdays or Christmas. Neighbor would like to have some gifts to give to these 3 children.
a.boy 12 yrs old wants to be like David Copperfield when he grows up
b girl 10 yrs likes board games and nail polish
c.girl 8 yr likes board games and barrettes in hair
these children also need gloves.

14.sickly ,disabled mom with 1 teenage son. She tried several churches but , their cut off is 12 yrs old. Her son is 14 yrs old.She would like a gift card to give to her son and anything to do with guiater music ,as her son has an old guaiter he tries to play.Like a boom box or radio. gloves,andsocks.Mother would like any kind of socks as her feet are always cold due to poor circulation.

  Often we do families in several counties.If you see * near a name that family is in Ocean County,if you see #near a name that family is in Burlington County,if nothing is near the name it means they are in another county .We had a woman ask us if we could atleast let people know what counties they are in.Not really sure why she felt this info was important since we are the ones that drive all over and deliver items.

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