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One Dozen needs/wants list.  Please remember that when we give dolls to little girls we try to give them dolls that look like them racially.  Peaches says when a little girl looks at a doll she should see herself. 

Family #p1

Mom and Dad to 6 children both work when she can find work. Dad works in the kitchen and makes minimum wage. Mom does odd jobs  (waitress, cooking, etc) but if a child gets sick and she has to leave or causes her to be late they are often not understanding.  She is currently looking for work in an economy where many others are also.
Jesus 1 yr old boy clothing size 18 months shoe size 2 baby. He likes cars and balls.
Emily 4 yrs old clothing size 7/8 shoe is 11 she likes Barbies and doll babies.  Would like an age appropriate scooter.  Would love to have a Glow pillow for bedtime.
Monica 10 yr old wear teen size 12/14 or straight 14 would work too.  Shoe size 6 ladies she needs socks.  She likes arts and crafts and loves music and cosmetology things.
Vanessa 12 yrs old size 14/16. Shoe size 6.5 ladies she really needs sneakers and could use socks. Sports bras size 34a. wears hair ties. She likes skateboarding arts & crafts items. At the age where makeup is appreciated. Needs PJs and a teen size 16 robe.
Anthony 15 yrs old pants size 32/32 shirts large men's.  Needs Ankle socks and boxer briefs badly. Likes skateboards and doing things outdoors. Someone gave him an  Xbox but not any games so he could use ones that a teen /adult would like or a year membership Brianna 19 yrs old wears size  womans16 pants and med shirt she needs sock .  At her age often a gift card is easiest so she can pick out clothes she likes. Helps with the younger children .  
Mom wears 1x shirts size 18/20 pants size 9 shoe Dad is a L shirt 33 or 34 x32 pants
Can always use beach size towels
Family #p2 Caucasian doll
young newly single mom has 2 children ....daughter age 4 wears  size 5/6 or straight 6 will work too. She loves being a girl...dress up, doll babies, kitchen play and anything pink. Her little brother is almost a year old now. He wears 12/18 months. loves colorful age appropriate toys . He loves  things that make noise. Household could use  silverware and smaller microwave safe plates. They have a cat that loves to eat  much more then anything else
Family #p3
34 year old mom of two ( escaped abuse) living in a motel after welfare failed to pay her rent on last  apartment....leaving them with out a permanent place to call home. Welfare admitted their mistake and put Mom( who is on disability ) and the children in a motel saying it would be for a few weeks. It has now been 6 months and she is stuck trying to find a solution on her own...
Children are both boys. Oldest is 10 ...he is a tall child, wears men's clothing sizes 32x 30 and men's med shirts. Men's shoe size 10. Could really use clothing/ shoes/ socks/underwear. When they lost the apartment the landlord gave them 30 mins to grab what they could.  The summer clothing from the landlord let them take are of little value when it's 20 degrees out. There is limited space in the room but it would be nice to have a small tabletop tree and something for him to do. Likes games, arts and crafts....solitary play items like a handheld game might be a good idea.
Youngest child age 2 has clothing as we were able to get him size 3 clothing but he still needs toddler shoes size 11.5 to 12, socks  and 2/3 underwear...uses size 5 pull ups for night time . He loves anything with wheels or wings
mom could use make up, personal hygiene items and some warm wear items in size 18/20 , xl-xxl tops and size 11 woman's shoes. She Desperately needs shoes that are not open since the only transportation to stores 1/2 mile away to get food are their feet.
 FAMILY #p4 Bi-racial toddler (black/white) Child
Single disabled mom of a 4 year girl could use some size 5, 5/6 clothing. She loves painting, arts and crafts, puzzles, learning toys and books. Also would like to have a black barbie...someone gave her a naked white one and she keeps asking why it looks like her mom but not darker like she is. Also wonders why it has nothing to wear. Mom said she needs nothing for herself though of course would appreciate some scented soap, make up or perfume
Single fulltime student part time workers is a mom to a little
Her son likes typical 7 year old boy toys -Army men, cars, noise making items, sports....and learning toy. He wears a size 7.  She would appreciate some pots/pans ( trying to learn to cook more then microwavable items) and some fun things that she can never afford like nail polish, perfume, body wash. clothing size
Disabled grandparents raising 3 teen grandsons. Grandmother of house has been in a wheelchair for years. She wear 5x on bottom and could use some skirts or pants in that size...even used or hand sewn would be appreciated. We were able to find her some tops. Grandsons could use some xl/xxl shirts/coats. They are teen boys so not the easiest to figure out what they want but they do get along so perhaps they would play games. they are in stage where body spray, cologne and men's jewelry would also be used.
FAMILY #p7 Caucasian Dolls
Two females sharing a single one has a husband who is currently stationed in Afghanistan . Both have Minimum wage jobs. They each have a daughter. One is 3 years old and wears 4/5, the other is 6 now and wears , 7/8. The older girl tells anyone that will listen that she wants barbie accessories like clothing and shoes for them. She also wants a new boardgame as she is tired of candy land and chutes and ladders....says she is to big for them now . She loves to play dress up  . Her little cousin loves baby dolls she cuddle with . Would like one that comes with a bottle to play feed it. They have both a med sized dog and a cat that they adore.
FAMILY #p8 African American  doll
After her husband died she thought she would never find love again but she did. Just when things were looking up in her world, due to budget cuts in the school system her job was changed to a much lower paying one. Mr of the household takes the train an hour away to continue to have work.  There is no money for a vehicle . They have an almost 10 year old son that wears size 12-14/16 boys and size 1.5 shoe.  He would love a handheld game that works for a child his age, likes puzzles, coloring, typical ten year old boy toys...their 3 year old daughter would enjoy a baby doll that is age appropriate.  She loves board books and fisher price characters...anything Disney is another thing she always notices on TV or in a store.  She is size 3/4 and shoe size 7.5T.  Mrs wears size 24/26 top and 24/30 bottom depending on cut. Mrs.  needs work dress clothes and size 8.5 work  shoes (flat) or (wedge) BADLY.  Mr wears 32x32 jeans and XL shirts. They all could both use  some heavy gloves. Waiting for  the train/bus is their only transportation.  

The kids both need good heavy winter coats or snowsuits and a few hats/scarfs/gloves and snow boots.   They really need clothes and shoes, they do not need to be new....Also important, a used Bed guard needed for the little one who has fallen out of her bed more then once. 

FAMILY #p9 Bi-Racial Black/White Dolls
Couple: Both parents have jobs but the amount they are paid is minimum. they have a 5 yr old daughter who likes games intended for older child...6 + games. She is a bit advanced for age.  She wears a size 6 to 7 could use socks  and some size 13 shoes . Enjoys Barbie dolls  and anything that goes along with them especially their clothing. Dad of household could use some heavy socks as he works outside. Could also use some heavy mens larger size gloves and a new wallet.  I am sure that Mom would appreciates some fun stuff...bubble bath,
scented candles, perfume....they live in a rented house in disrepair anything to help her escape that reality for a few minutes would be nice.  House hold could use some blankets as every room is a chilly room
Some single men LIVING ALONE situations #p10

92 year old man in poor health but still living alone in need of gloves , water bottle with easy open top ( suppose to drink allot more then he does) most bottles he can not open.He tends to knock over glasses. He could also use some socks since he is always cold. A small blanket for when he watches TV would be good.

Newly widowed disabled man feels alone. Would like to go with his friend to Dunkin Donuts on occasion but with limited income he cant afford that. Even a $5 gift card would allow him to go and be able to have a coffee and donut. Might not sound like a need but it would be something better then sitting home alone. He has a small dog and a cat both can always use food.

 Man in his 50's who lives alone given months to live due to Chemical poisoning from prior job and Cancer. He lives on $800 a month. He  has no working heater in his house ( could not afford oil even if he did) which means he also has no hot water. He uses lightbulbs ( the old kind ) to heat the room he rarely leaves. He needs baby wipes as he uses them to clean off...and  blankets ( plug in kind might be ideal-size does not matter)-- and socks. He could really use an emergency shut off --button on bottom that makes it shut off if falls over---space heater ( his medication makes him groggy) .  Actually, an oil filled heater would be very practical as it is inexpensive to run and much safer than the tipsy electric ones. 
Some single women LIVING ALONE  situations #p11

Diabetic very limited income woman with amputated leg needs food for the dog she keeps for protection.

Elderly woman with stage 4 Cancer keeps fighting even though she has been told her time is very limited. She loves flavored hot tea ( one thing she can keep down even after her current treatments). She is too weak now to sit down in a  bath and misses getting a bubble bath.  While sitting on a shower chair she could still use scented soaps or out of the bath  she could use scented body spray.

Recently divorced woman was  left with little more then a car with mechanical problems and financial issues that with her current income from multiple jobs will still take many years to make a  dent in. She could really use something to lift her spirits...positive talk type books, loves religious items, pretty stationary, note cards, perfume. She also wears hair decorations necklaces, bracelets & pins.
Situations #p12
Family Mixed race ( back/white ) for dolls...Struggling couple with 7 children...they had 4 and then due to circumstances took custody of 3 more recently...they are all under the age of 8. Dad is working fulltime and mom works part time while their teen aunt is available to watch them. The 7 year old is a boy, then there are 4 girls ages  1, 3, 4 and 5. The other two boys are ages 3 and 1. The aunt of these children come over from her own struggling home to help as much as she can while still maintaining her good grades. Their parents said anything age appropriate would be a blessing. they would also appreciate a little gift to thank their teen (age 14) aunt for all help she gives them but understands if that is not possible
p13----We also always need:   toys that can be used for both boys and girls…things such as books,  hot wheels, Legos,  blocks,  larger piece puzzles, coloring books, crayons,  baby supplies, teen items which are always in severely short supply. We have some Autistic children we help that seem more responsive to BRIGHTLY  colored toys. Also any size new clothes will be used if not now then when we find someone that wears that size in need. Sometimes its  nice to discover you mattered enough to receive something that is new and just for you .  As always we are the perfect place to re-gift that item you received but will never use. 
Always needed are smaller outside pet houses in good/great shape which are needed for the feral cat colonies and some people we have found that need  better shelter for their dogs…the plastic ones are the best to keep the rain/snow out.Newer wooden ones in good shape do work if the roof is water proof.
 FOOD IS ALSO ALWAYS NEEDED for people and the pets they love

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