Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Question answered

Reply-We always need money but as a rule we only ask at Christmas because that is when people seem to be more generous. Even though we have set up a paypal account for anyone who would like to help towards our expenses .However over 9 yrs we have asked on 4 different occasions for money. The first time was... to buy a headstone for a mother who had fallen into a severe depression after her baby girl died .Her husband had come to us and asked if we could help him buy a headstone. They had a 12 yr old son and after yrs of trying the wife gave birth to a baby perfect as she looked she died from complications on the day she was suppose to come home. The wife often went to the grave site and would break down crying saying her baby only had a marker where everyone else had a stone .So we put a request out and some wonderful people heard about it and donated for the headstone .After the stone was placed on the gravesite the mother said she finally felt some kind of closure. She still has periods of being depressed usually around holidays or the month the baby had been born then died. But,was doing a lot better. The second request for money was when a young struggling single moms baby boy died and she used all the money she had saved which was intended for her oil company to fill up her tank for the heat but instead used it for a small burial for her son. We were given her account number and again a generous person donated money to be paid on her account so she could have heat. The last we heard this mom had another baby who was healthy.

The third request for money was when we learned of a family who lost everything in a fire and they had no fire insurance and the father who was the main provider had lost his job. He was spending to much time at the burn center visiting his wife who had been burnt over 75% of her body. And again people sent in money for this family. The fourth request was not that long ago when we needed some money to help pay to get much needed clothes and items shipped to an Indian Reservation .And again that request had been answered.
As of this writing we only have 25.00 dollars in the Holy Angels Account so you can see we often use money out of our own pockets for any expenses. This goes for our volunteers too. It is always a huge blessing when we do receive any money but as a general rule we only ask at Christmas .HOPE THIS ANSWERS THE QUESTION TO YOUR SATISFACTION.

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