Wednesday, July 2, 2014

If it sounds to good to be true it probaly is a lie

A mom,a dad and a little girl were moving from MONROE STREET in MT HOLLY(not the greatest street,)They were so excited to find a house fairly cheap in Pemberton.The dad also would be starting a new job.They had only lived in NJ  for about 1 yr and not familiar with the area.When we met them at Monroe Street and they spoke of their wonderful news of getting another and bigger place.I asked them where are you moving?When the mom told me she was moving to SUNBERRY in Pemberton my heart sank for them.It is an area known for many drugs,gangs and dog fights .I told them between the 2 Monroe Street would be a better place to raise a child.They did not take my advice.They moved to Sunberry. Last I heard after being broken into twice they moved.Many times we have met people who are always moving,being evicted or in foreclosure.The reasons vary.I often wonder if I did the right thing trying to tell them not to move.After all they did not listen to my advice nor had they asked for it.Sometimes perhaps I over step my bounds in trying to help others.But I think to myself if it was me surely I would want someone to tell me.Since they had not lived in the house long I am certain they lost there deposit.It is my hope that if they are still following our page and need anything to please reach out.And we will be more than happy to try to help if we can. Do not be embarrassed or feel awkward.If we could talk with this family we would say you are in our thoughts and our prayers.

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