Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Manuel's story

Manuel's story
Fr John met Manuel last year when he was a patient in Kimball Hospital. Manuel was his room mate.Manuel had come to NJ through customs he said"when I arrived in NJ I had been jumped and beaten up in a bar I was drinking in,they did not like me .Although I did not know them."They took his wallet.A friend of his who lived in Lakewood gave him a place to stay and helped him find a job.Because he was a good worker the boss said he would help him get copies of his stolen license etc..Manuel was sick because rain,thunder storms or sunshine he walked far to go to work.He had no transportation.When Fr John learned about him always walking he decided we would put out a request for a man's bike. And if we got one we would give it to Manuel . Manuel gave Fr John his phone number just in case.3 weeks later some wonderful person donated a used mans bike.We called Manuel.He was  so excited.When we delivered the bike to him he met us on a corner lot pass the railroad tracks.He told us he was kicked out of his house because the landlord said to many people lived there.When we asked him where are you going to stay he gave us an address.A month later we stopped at the house he said he was going to be living at.The woman there said"no Spanish people live here but she heard they often sit on her porch when she is at work.So who knows what happened to him.
But wherever he is in Lakewood you can bet he is working.

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