Sunday, October 19, 2014


 We received a call from our volunteer Susan that volunteer Ruth received several turkeys from the Methodist Church in Cookstown.All we had to do was pick them up.So Fr John and I met Susan.The turkeys would go to the few families on our list.On the way home we stopped at Wawa so Fr John could get some coffee.As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we noticed an old beat up car ...with 3 bald tires with New York plates.We both said to each other wonder how that car made it to New Jersey.Then laughed since we both had been thinking the same thing.While in the store I noticed 3 children with sweaters on and 2 of the girls had sandals on the boy had beat up sneakers with no socks.Meanwhile Fr John was getting his coffee.
The children were pestering their mom for some bubble gum.The boy said"mom we can share the gum .The mom in return said"look I have just enough money for a sandwich for your dad in the car.After all he did all that driving and we still have to get to New York.(What do you know these people were in that broken down car I thought).I went up to the lady as she was in line counting pennies,nicles and quarters for the sandwich she had ordered.I said"excuse me may I speak with you for a moment?She said"sure what is it?I told her how we were given several turkeys and for the life of me I didn't know how I could fit them all in our small freezer.And if her and her family would like to take it off my hands.By then the children were jumping up and down for joy yelling TURKEY yum ,yum.Oh get it mom we haven't had meat in awhile.The mom said"she would discuss it with her husband when we got out to the parking lot .Well they were thrilled to take it off our hands.The husband gave me a hug that almost cut off my breath.,They had gone to Cape May to his best friends funeral and only stopped at the Wawa so the children could use the bathroom.They met Fr John.He told them if they gave us their address we could later maybe send them some items that the children could use.But they wouldn't hear of it.So when we left
first thing we had to do was stop at grocery store and buy another turkey.,lol

Holy Angels Children's Society/Reys of Hope Project

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