Sunday, October 5, 2014


Bob emails us several times a year letting us know who he thinks might need some items. He never asks for himself. The first time we met Bob it was at the Acme parking lot in Browns Mills. He had a car that looked like it saw better days. He looked like he needed a shave and had a very worn looking jacket on.He wanted us to possibly bring some Christmas presents to a mom with 2 young children staying at a local motel. We asked what the ages and sex were of the children and what room were they staying at. After he gave us the information we assured him we would put them on our list. The real reason for meeting him was he had originally emailed us asking for a blanket and some socks for someone who he knew was homeless. We never asked him how he knew these people. After all we were just happy to help. Over the past 5 yrs we have helped those who Bob has directed us to. We have not heard from Bob this past year but,we just recently found out that he himself was homeless and living in his car. He often went to St Anns church at the food pantry and some of the items he received he gave to others. When he slept in his car at nights he would park behind a blueberry farm. It amazes us to think someone who was in a dire situation himself never thought of his own needs but others. People like Bob are a true blessing. Unselfish, compassionate and caring .Makes one wonder how he became homeless. Was it he just gave up on life,had he lost his home or have an addiction problem or perhaps had a mental illness. We will never know what happened to Bob but we are sure wherever he is he is looking out for others.

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