Sunday, October 12, 2014

I remember

Fr John often thinks of others before himself.Why I remember the time he had so much trouble breathing that I took him to Kimball Hospitol in Lakewood.It had snowed the night before about 5 inches and the roads were so icy .Since Fr John has COPD he oftens visits the E.R. usually a couple of breathing treatments and a shot while on oxygen and he is able to go home .But this day he seemed to be in ...more distress than before.The doctors said"they were going to keep him for a few days since the breathing treatments weren't working as well as they had expected. While Fr John gasped for each breath we noticed a pregnant woman who walked by his room.She had flip flops on and a sweater. Right there I knew what Fr John was thinking while he kept tapping me on my arm pointing to the woman. He wanted me to see if this woman might need some assistance starting with shoes.
So I walked over to the woman who was concerned about her sister who had been taken via ambulance earlier. She was a pleasant woman and looked to be about 30 yrs old .She told me her and her sister could both need some help once her sister gets out of the hospital.She gave me her phone number and then she kept saying"you really will give us some clothes and shoes right? I told her if we didn't have any in our garage knowing Fr John we would buy them.After seeing how poorly she was dressed for the weather how could we not.I went back and told Fr John she was more than appreciative. In fact she was so happy she added her sister needed stuff too.Fr John smiled and told me "now don't forget she will need baby clothes since she is pregnant.
It took us about a week but we delivered the stuff.Thats right Fr John was out of the hospital in a few days and he went for the delivery.
You would of thought we were celebrities the way they were acting when we arrived. Especially after they found out Fr John was a priest. They wanted us to come in and visit.They wanted to even cook us something. Fr John asked"what do you have in mind to make,they told him they could make a pasta dish.So how could we say no ,we enjoyed our 1 hour visit.It was the longest I have ever spent doing a drop off so far.But the company and food was good.
It always amazes how caring Fr John is even when he is not feeling well himself.So you see I never know how those E.R. visits might go.Maybe next time I will drawl the curtain,lol

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