Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas update

For the boy who received a guitar his dad said he was estatic and started playing it right away
For the 1 boy who received his new bike he rode around his neighborhood to show his friends not worrying about the other 3 gifts
One mom in the motel said it was the best Christmas her children ever had
For the 4 yr old twins who received new coats.1 of the twins went to bed wearing their coat(unzipped)
For the little girl who received the doll wearing a tiara,well now she wears it,lol
For the elderly man who was given a dunkin donut gift card,he said he will use it wisely.And enjoy the coffee and donut for as long as it lasts
For the family of 8 who we actually bought food for said it was a blessing,and they enjoyed 2 board games that were included.

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