Sunday, December 28, 2014

Phylis and her band of angels helped us this year

Christmas Blessings 2014 has come to an end . "recycled toys and clothing" for those in need ..............HUGE SUCCESS !! never in my wildest dreams or conversations with Kathy Chapter did I ever think that approx 50 families, many motel rooms, single moms, domestic violence shelters, those needing a helping hand would ALL receive so much LOVE from a community of friends, family and FB strangers, they are all no longer strangers in my heart.
To thank everyone would be redund...ant, i have said your name so many times, I have thanked God for bringing you all into my life . Life throws you lemons and you either get hit in the head OR you make lemonade. YOU all made the biggest pitcher of Lemonade I have ever seen. .. Santa Dan, Santas bff , made his way along the shore because of YOU. Mrs Clause had plenty of deliveries because of YOU.
Today, we made our last deliveries ( officially) ..
Brandi Day created little boxes of joy, filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies, Kathy and I delivered our last delivery today to some very special moms and their children .. we are hoping that the stocking stuffers, stuffed animals, clothing, paint sets, books, candy, toys, diapers and DVD's make their Christmas morning alittle brighter, not being able to be "home" for the holiday, we wished them a merry christmas from ALL of YOU.
It was great today to run into Perrie White and meet her mom, before her big adventure. We were just finishing the last of our buying for the food deliveries. We all wish you a safe journey, funny how you meet someone during the worst times in your life and they have such a huge impact that the hug, felt just as great today, as it did 2 Christmas's ago.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, May you all find peace and be filled with Blessings in the coming year.
there are so many that need to be thanked but my puter cut me off, each of YOU reading this as just as important as the next person. Go to bed tonight and know that YOU have put a smile on a childs face this week, how much better can life get than that !

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