Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hi everyone , my name is amanda and you may remember me I live in leh and used to.donate large amounts items mostly guys a few years back about 2010 .., I was living with my mom remember .. since then ive had another son saved moved into our own home and in 2012 lost every ounce of everything due to sandy! The last two years have become the worst years of my life with Christmas fast approaching I'm dreading the next two weeks no tree no money no gifts , no money for laundry soap dish soap snacks or juice boxes for kids school ... I haven't used shampoo in over a month or done laundry in weeks ...our sheets are Holley our pillows are yucky we just found mold again in our kids room and had to rip the rug up.. things are bad . I'm wondering if your doing Xmas help everyone is telling me there not accepting familys . Please let me know . Thank you good bless

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