Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Jessica was a mother who needed help for Christmas.A woman who went to the Methodist Church in town told her if she signed up her children they could receive a few Christmas gifts.Jessica lived about 2 miles from town and 1 x a month a lady friend would take her to the store.But the day she went to sign up at the church her friend was unavailable.So Jessica walked through the snow and the cold.When she arrived at the church she was told her children were to old to get gifts.Their cut off age was 11 yrs old.Needless to say Jessica walked all the way back home heartbroken.And cold due to only wearing a sweater and no gloves.When we heard about Jessica we made the trip to deliver gifts  for the children.And we surprised her with a cloak and gloves .Fr John told  her that her friend had told us about her.Jessica was so thankful she hugged us so tight I thought we were going to pop(lol)The reason she did not have a coat is because it was difficult to find her size.But the cloak fit perfect.Needless to say the children had a nice Holiday thanks to those who donated to us.

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