Monday, May 11, 2015

THANK YOU's from Peachess

Sandra from Southampton gave a truckload of items at the start of spring.. She is a repeat donor always with a mix of new and used. Always nice stuff
Two truck loads in the past month.As always bags of mostly brand NEW   items. Most have the tags still hanging on them along with other cleaned ,folded and sorted items.  Stacy from Swedesboro always donates such nice stuff . this time a tent, baby gear,baby girl and little girl clothing and toys, household, toys, baby equipment, woman clothes,men clothing, purses, shoes, etc.Stacy is REPEAT DONOR which helps us greatly

Jen from Burlington donates all the time.Jen donated two truckloads in the past month...some of it new, children's coats and clothes, some housewares and toys some new some used.

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