Monday, May 18, 2015


Tammy was a teenager who had emailed us.She wanted to know if we ever get curtains ,pictures for the wall and things to make a house a home.Tammy and her siblings had always lived in and out of motels.Although her mom worked a part time job it was never enough to get a place they could call home.Tammys father had skipped out on them yrs before we received the email.But a blessing in disguise happened for this family.Their father had been receiving disability checks in another... state.And when the welfare office found out Tammys mom was given back childs support which enabled them to finally afford rent on an apartment.When we met the family they were all well mannered and more than eager to bring in the items we  had for their new home.Which included dishes,pots,curtains,blankets,linens,old small dresser,silverware and even some clothes to fit the children.This was the first HOME they had ever had.And we often think about the many children who are still living in motels who will never be so lucky.I often wonder if more fathers would pay child support if that would change living situations for many?

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