Thursday, May 29, 2014

A story about TRACY

We had received an email several yrs ago from a woman named Tracy who lived near Atlantic City.She was beside herself.She had just gotten temporary custody of her sisters children the ages were from 3-9 yrs.She herself had just given birth to a baby and her and her husband were adjusting to being new parents.Her sister had been brutally killed.(We never did get all the details).However,Fr John spent many hours on the phone talking to her after the first email.We were able to get clothes for her nieces and nephew.We also had received many donated toys we gave to her.We helped her off and on for about 8 months.The last time we had seen her they  were applying for full custody of the children.The childrens father was in prison and signed the papers.And they were moving to Georgia where relatives lived.Their life could of been a lot more difficult if it had not been for the generous people who donated.Tracy mentioned after knowing us and meeting us she realized how many good people were still out in the world.Her faith had been renewed.And she was going to raise all the children to know the Lord.(the 2 scriptures that come to mind are Proverb 14:14 and Proverbs 22:6 ,they pertain to those who have back slide from  believing and  the importance of teaching our children about the Bible
*to me it seemed like things became easier for her to accept and work through once she let her faith back into her life.

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