Thursday, May 29, 2014

A story about Brian

About 2 yrs ago we met Brian.He had 2 grandchildren who he hadn't seen often.But,this Christmas due to his failing health he wanted to do something special for them and his daughter.He emailed us asking if we could possibly give him some Christmas presents for his 2 grandchildren and daughter.Brian wasn't sure what the children really liked as far as toys.All he was sure of was of their ages.We looked through our toy donations and found 4 toys per child.For the 6 yr old girl we gave her a beautiful doll with its very own brush,nail polish set for herself and a pocketbook that had a few dollars in it,a coloring book with crayons and some barrettes for her hair.For the 8 yr old boy we gave him a fire truck that actually made noise and had moveable parts,a wallet with a few dollars in it,coloring book and crayons of super heroes and matchbox cars.For his daughter we gave her toiletries and a frame with a picture of him in it.(Which I had taken when we first met him)All the presents were wrapped so Brian had no way of knowing what the gifts were.After the holidays Brian had emailed us and told us he had moved in with his daughter and grandchildren.They had resolved most of their differences and although he had not been a good dad he was going to be the best grandpa ever.As long as his health let him.(he never mentioned anything about the grandchildrens dad,so we figured he was not in the picture).Months later we learned Brian had died from the Cancer but his daughters favorite thing had been the picture of her dad in that frame.Just think if it had not been for those donated items he might never of gone over to see his daughter and grandchildren.And they might never of had those months together.
Believe me when people are generous its like a stone thrown into a lake it has a rippling effect.

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