Monday, June 2, 2014


Many of our followers ask what we need in terms of donations.We always need baby clothes both sexes.But today our request is not one of material.It is one of whats right to help others less fortunate.We would like anyone who reads this to take 20 minutes out of their busy schedule and wright a letter to the Governor of NJ or County Freeholders and ask them to PLEASE help the homeless in Ocean County and surrounding areas.Many of you already know about the destruction of the TENT CITY"S in Camden and Lakewood NJ.These HOMELESS PEOPLE have no where to go.There are no shelters in their communities.Atlantic City shelter is filled to its capacity.Just here in Ocean County they made a new animal shelter but there is no shelter for people.WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT OUR SOCIETY?All HOMELESS PEOPLE are not addicts or drunks.Many have mental illness,some have been kicked out of their homes as teens and then there are those who fought in the Vietnam War and came back not how they left.
In the BIBLE there are numerous passages that tells us how we should treat those who are poor or homeless.Even at times Jesus was HOMELESS during his ministry to others.
THANK YOU!(if you don't have any paper please send them an email)

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