Thursday, June 12, 2014

Larry the gardner

Last yr we delivered items to a woman who had asked for toiletries and paper products.While there we notice a man in her small garden.He was trimming some hedges.The first thing we thought was why does she need assistance if she could afford a gardner.When the woman answered the door she invited us in for some ice tea.Fr John loves to talk so he gladly accepted.I could not wait to ask her about her gardener.The woman mentioned the man had some mental problems but quite harmless.He lived with an elderly couple down the street.But for some reason he has been working in her garden for the past couple of months his name was Larry.The woman said,she tried on numerous occasions to get rid of him without calling the police.As she did not want him locked up.She even talked with his grandparents.But to no avail.Because,Larry has the mind of a teenage boy she finally gave in and let him tend to the garden.In exchange she would give him a meal.When leaving Larry came over and introduced himself.He told us he had been a gardener for yrs.He even gave me a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from the garden,lol.
Whenever I see flowers I often think back about the woman with the gardener Larry.How nice it was of her to accept him for who he was and let him continue doing what he loved-gardening.Its ashame more people don't give those with handicaps more chances to prove themselves.Many can be an asset.Many people go on first impressions which is not always true impressions.It just shows no one should judge a book by its cover

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