Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Thank you Melodi in Jackson for baby items,childrens' books,wallets,purses,childrens clothes,lots of nice toys and blankets
Thank you Jerrys Auto Body Shop in Jackson for the clothes,dog kennel,dog food,toilet paper,paper towels,new sponges,cleaning agents,some school supplies including some book bags,computer paper,folders,blankets,food,new flip flops,dishes,glasses and blender.
Thank you to Debbie our volunteer in Toms River who has been picking up the items for us.We also would like to thank her family for being so supportive and letting her help without any slack.ALot of husbands and even children often feel upset when they think a family member is to preoccupied with helping others to much.(Or get jealous of the time they spend away from the house.)

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