Thursday, June 19, 2014


This week I talked with a woman with an inoperable brain tumor in her head.She talked about her life as a child.And  about how her parents whenever they beat her they would always punch her in the back of her head not to leave bruises.How often only 1 parent would physically abuse her at a time.But she did remember when she was 13 yrs old and was caught kissing a boy how they both grabbed her hair and took turns punching her in the head in the hallway of their house.She said:the abuse seemed like hours because it was longer than she had ever been punched and smacked around at 1 time.She mentioned she suffered with headaches for yrs.At the age of 16 she ran off with a boy she loved.He later became a drinker.By then she had 3 children.She definitely has had a hard life but somehow she has learned to forgiven all of them.So because of this conversation I would like everyone to take a few moments today and pray for all the children who are abused by the very people who are suppose to love and care for them.Many of these children do not live to tell of their abuse.(Sad world we live in for sure)

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