Tuesday, June 17, 2014


1.40% of the homeless nation wide are veterans.
 2.Many states are now arresting those who are HOMELESS saying it is a crime
3.Many states are charging fines to anyone who feed the HOMELESS
Often those in power in these states say they don't want anyone to feed them because it encourages the HOMELESS not to go to agency's or organizations that can help them.What they do not tell you is many HOMELESS don't look presentable enough for the staff to let them in their doors.There fore the HOMELESS cant apply for food stamps or some other assistance.One HOMELESS man has tried several times to apply for Obama Care but the agency in which he tried to go in refused entrance due to  his clothes are ragged.They told him come back when he is clean,groomed and look presentable.This man lives on the streets.
Many people especially Christians know the HOMELESS are not being treated right ,yet they never speak up in their defense.If we do not write,email or call those in office such as our congressmen,governor of the state or local mayors the HOMELESS will be forever abused,neglected and treated like trash.We must speak up for them.We must be their voice,we also must pray for all the injustices in the world,and there are many.

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