Monday, June 30, 2014

Mary's story

About 4 yrs ago we were asked if we would help a woman who had just been released from a woman's prison.She had been incarcerated for 12 yrs.As the story went she had a 9 mos old child which somehow fell down the steps and died.Mary told the authority's her baby had just started crawling and while she went to answer the phone the baby must of fallen.Mary was charged for the baby's death.When we went to the motel where Mary was you could tell she had been through alot,She was weathered looking and had a tough attitude.She spoke nothing of her incarceration nor did she seem eager to invite us in her room.So we handed her the clothes we had for her and Fr John gave her a small necklace with a cross on it.She thanked us as a few tears rolled down her eyes.She was surprised that someone had asked us to bring her some items.And she was more surprised we actually brought them.Fr John told her if she ever needed to talk to please get in touch with him.And he actually gave her our phone number.She said"that wont be necessary and handed the paper back.We often wonder what happened to Mary since she had left the motel shortly after with no forwarding address.

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