Friday, June 13, 2014

Hilda's Neighbor

We had donated to Hilda several times.She and her family were struggling to make ends meet on her husbands small check.She most likely will always be on our radar when it comes to giving clothes out.As with medical problems no health insurance and a never growing boy it is a difficult road for them.Because we had been there several times over the yrs her neighbor had learned from Hilda who we were.We met Hilda's neighbor near Halloween we dropped off some decorations for her son to put up.The neighbor was thrilled to meet us.She told us she was going to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner,Turkey,potatoes the works she hoped.She even already invited her family and friends.She said their would be about 7 people.We told her that sounded wonderful.She was smiling ear to ear while telling us she had only 1 little problem she had no turkey,no potatoes,no real dishes or silverware.She was hoping we could help her out for Thanksgiving.She did have paper plates and plastic silverware.This would be the first dinner she has had in along time.She had always rented a room and could never entertain anyone but now she had a rented house thanks to welfare.And she just couldn't wait to cook a nice meal.(talk about a surprise).Hilda interrupted saying"yes,yes they will help you I know they will(nothing like being put on the spot,).Before Hilda and the neighbor ran off with all these plans I explained to them we can only give if someone donates.Hilda reassured her neighbor we would try our best since we had several weeks.Fr John just kept saying we will see what we can do after all we have many generous people around the holidays.Meanwhile I was having a fit with everyone excited about a meal that might never happen if they are depending only on us.About a week after that Fr John mentioned to his daughter Donna in Pa.about the neighbor.Within days Donna had went out and bought gold silverware,dishes,cups,stuffing,can cranberry sauce,mash potatoes,gravy,and jello.Now all we needed was a turkey.3 days before Thanksgiving we received a turkey.Arrived at the neighbor's house.She was thrilled.She kept saying over and over GOLD SILVERWARE FIT FOR A KING AND QUEEN.We learned later from Hilda the dinner was a success since she had been invited over there too.(no wonder Hilda wanted us to try our best to come through  lol..)

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