Saturday, May 3, 2014

Alittle story I would like to share about my shopping experience

Several weeks ago I was in the grocery store the lines were long at all the registers. I picked the register that had a woman bagging for the cashier. The bagger was a woman who had down syndrome and she was pretty fast at bagging when she wasn't talking to anyone who stopped by to say hello. Evidently a lot of the customers knew her. Finally I was the second person in line. But wouldn't you know it an elderly man stopped to say hello to the woman and again she stopped bagging and turned to face the man and talked for a few brief moments. Meanwhile, the customer at the register was carrying on how slow it was to get out. And the woman said 'dont blame me you picked this line"..,(we all laughed in hearing distance ) lol. I finally said to the woman" bagging my you have a lot of friends "she replied"yes, and I always answer them when they talk to me so they feel special".
   So many times people are so impatient with others and in a hurry not having any consideration for others. I call these people the "ME PEOPLE" because usually everything is about them. The fact that so many people stopped to say hello why this woman was bagging showed me she must of been quite thoughtful, as each person she talked with left with a smile and felt special.HEBREWS10:24=Let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good work.

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