Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We were recently asked about Edward.We met him 3 yrs ago.He was a 50 yr old stroke victim.His sister had gotten in touch with us because someone had stolen his wheel chair off of the porch.We told her if we had one we would be sure to give it to her.We put out a request for one and received it within a week.She was thrilled to get it and so was her brother.A year that she emailed us and asked if we ever get walkers with a seat.Again we put out a request and someone came through for us.Edward could walk alittle dragging his left leg and tired easily.So a walker with a seat was definitely an asset when he needed to sit down.Well last year we heard from Edward and his sister and they told us he walked with a cane.WOW
to think of the progress he has made in 3 yrs what a blessing.Another blessing is that generous people donated the wheel chair and walker to help Edward.Never think that a donation doesn't matter or help someone.One item can make all the difference in someone's life.One act of kindness can go far.The Edwards in the world thank each and everyone of you who give unselfishly.

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