Friday, September 5, 2014


Last year we heard of a 70 yr old grandma who had a heart attack and tired easily and could no longer go jogging with her granddaughter. She wanted to donate her jogging clothes since she said "she would not be able to use them since she no longer could jog.We went and picked up the clothes and shoes from her. She was very tearful when she spoke of how her and her granddaughter would go to the park near where they lived and do some jogging and walking on the paths. When we mentioned it to our volunteer Debbie she came up with a plan. Little did we know when she is on a mission she is relentless. She said"I will find a wheelchair so the granddaughter can take her on those long walks.. We also put out a request for a wheelchair with no luck. Meanwhile Debbie was scouting around for a cheap one in local thrift shops.With no luck.Evantually she was given a free one from the ELKS CLUB in Pt Pleasant. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!And grandma asked for her jogging stuff back,lol
We returned the items since we had not given them out,and again grandma was tearful,but this time they were happy tears.

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