Monday, January 26, 2015

A difficult divorce

Wendy emailed us about her sister who was still not over her divorce.Wendy felt after a year her sister should be able to put it behind her.Wendy told Fr John when she met him that her sister was acting like someone had died or something.Fr John explained to Wendy when someone goes through a divorce or end any kind of relationship and it was more one sided.It is like a death to many-its a death of a relationship.Of what might of been.Of their dreams as a couple.Everyone grieves for a loss differently but he would suggest to the sister perhaps to seek counseling or talk with the pastor of their church on a more regular basis.When we met her sister Sue,she was very depressed.Her husband and her had been having problems but nothing she thought that they couldn't work out.His answer to the problems was he wanted a divorce.They had no children together and had only been married for 3 yrs.but Sue said"he had been her soul mate.Her one true love.
Fr John while talking to her suggested the first thing she needed to do was address her depression and perhaps go to her doctor.The second thing was she needed to talk to someone about her feelings,maybe others who have gone through a difficult divorce.Counseling,and most of all try to keep busy and not dwell on what might of been,but what is.After about an hour Sue said she would keep in touch.But she never did.However,we heard from Wendy lately and seems as if Sue has met a man who had a bad divorce also and is doing much better.It is difficult sometimes to see the rainbow over the horizon.Many times life does not go as we plan.And there are many obstacles in finding happiness.But with the help of faith one can get through them.And perhaps have a better life than they had imagined.There is a reason for everything even if we don't understand it Fr John always says.

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