Thursday, January 15, 2015


We keep a walker in the car for the days Fr John thinks the cane just isn't enough to help him walk when we go out.So the first give away was when I went to the Joeys Pizza to pick up our order and I saw an elderly man trying to maneuver through the parking lot holding onto peoples cars.I asked him do you need any help?He replied"if you could get me a cart from the SAVE ALOT STORE I would be obliged.Then I would have something to hold onto"I told him I could do better than that.I just happen to have a walker in my car.I have been looking for someone to give it to.I gave the man the walker and his eyes lit up.And he maneuvered himself to the shopping cart area without any assistance.Threw the walker in the basket of the cart and was on his way into the store.After I picked up the order I went home.And told Fr John the events that led up to his walker being given away.Fr John was surprised but pleased I gave it to the man.However,what was he going to do if he needed one.?When Fr John mentioned to Debbie our volunteer about how I gave his walker away she laughed.And said"I have one at home you could have.
So Debbie gave us the walker she had.And several months went by.And Fr John used it often in the store.Then one day we were in a Chinese restaurant in Hammonton .And we noticed an elderly couple trying to hold onto each other from their car to the entrance of the restauraunt.The man was hunched over and the woman shuffled slowly along with her arm under his.Truthfully they both looked like they needed a walker.But we only had 1.By the time we finished our meal the couple made it in the door.Fr John directed me to ask them if they needed a walker.The elderly man said"my wife might need one but,I do just fine at walking and have no need for it(men are so stubborn).
So the 2nd walker give away happened in Hammonton.Fr John asked me to go to the car and get his cane.And again when Debbie heard about it she found another walker for Fr.John.Only this timeDebbie said"I am not sure if I can be able to find anymore ,and we laughed.THIS IS WHAT OUR VOLUNTEERS DO THEY GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO HELP.AND WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE THEM

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