Wednesday, January 7, 2015


As you know Fr John and I try to send a care package once a month to the Pineridge Reservation in South Dakota.But its never enough for the many children that pass through the community center there. Often the only hot meal they have is at the Community Center.   Many children come with no socks nor gloves on. It is for this reason  alone that we can not forget them especially in the winter months. Pastor Karen appreciates all those who have been kind enough to send items in the past. Especially the food items. It is not uncommon for anywhere from 50-75 people to go through the doors on a given day. Mostly children. If anyone could help please mail the items to
                                 PASTOR KAREN
                                  RETREAT COMMUNITY CENTER
                                 51 EAST  HIGHWAY 18
                                 PINERIDGE  SD  57770

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