Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The elderly man had just lost his wife to Cancer.He wanted to donate her items and had his daughter email us.When we arrived it was obvious the man was depressed as he held onto his wifes picture in a frame.Fr John talked with the man as his daughter and I loaded up the car.She mentioned she wanted him to move in with her but he wanted to stay in the house him and his wife spent so many years in.
...We learned shortly after the man had died also(no doubt from a broken heart).These type of pick ups are sad for us.We get to see first hand many times some ones life ,their pictures,their nick nacs their clothes and their memories.Often we are handed boxes of items that when we sort through them there might be a card or a picture or an item someone took a lot of time and effort to make.Like a handmade blanket that you know took hours to make.Maybe even days.A card signed with love,a picture of them at happier times.Nic nacks that are all similar which you realize it was probably her collection(like all chickens).All these material things that once represented a persons life.GONE! But the memories for those left behind will never be replaced.

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