Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drop offs this week

Met Dorothy in Hammontown with car load of clothes,candy ,Halloween costumes for small children.Couple ugly masks that Dorothy said the boys would love to wear them.(no wonder children have nightmares,lol
Took pictures but,cant seem to find where I put my camera.
Gave childrens clothes to a mom in Lakewood.She needed some long sleeve shirts for her 2 boys.
Sent some 5x sweat suits via mail to grandmother who is raising her grandchildren
Man in restaurant where we went for lunch he came in and tried to put 2 cokes on his charge card but cashier said"sorry 10 dollar limit.He went to put the 2 cokes back we offered to pay for them.He was so shocked but grateful.Said he was sooooooooo  thirsty.
Dropped off a bouquet of flowers to a woman we heard was sick in the neighborhood even though we dont know her personally
Bought some bird food for a ladys pet bird
Went to Burlington and delivered some toys to a woman who wants to start a small day care soon
Mailed out some books to the Crow Creek Reservation & sent some boxes out

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