Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For those of you who wonder why them when there are so many in need closer. The answer is simple
THEY  ARE THE POOREST PEOPLE IN USA. We are still very dedicated in helping those in our areas.; but try to keep in mind the people on the reservations don't have the same luxuries that our poor do even in Ocean County, Burlington County or Cumberland County. Here;s just 1 example-we have pretty decent hospitals close by in case of an emergency. On the Pine Ridge Reservation our volunteer Debbie saw first hand their clinic. If it rains the roof leaks, if there's an emergency the janitor takes the ambulance out. There were no real medical supplies that Debbie could see. Then  the ambulance arrives back at the clinic .If more extensive care is needed they take the patient to the nearest hospital which is 45 minutes away. There is no paramedic team in the ambulance. How can anyone with a conscious not want to help these forgotten people. Yes there are a lot of people who talk about those on the Reservation have addictions-mostly alcohol . Thanks to the many liquor stores outside the Reservation. But everywhere people  have addictions be it to drugs , drinking or other chemicals. The reason it is so noticeable on the reservations is because the people are congregated, not spread out like other societys. Off the reservation many people  have jobs so they are working and indulge in their addictions after hours. They are also offered more services to intervention if they want it. And Getting in a rehab off the reservation is an easier process.
   Imagine living somewhere day in and day out where the winters are way below zero, and there are no local stores to even buy a blanket if you had the money. Or their houses if any where else in USA would be condemned to live in. Yet ,on the reservation they are considered lucky to have this house. Where you never will actually be able to own a piece of land. Where  the nearest place to work if you had a vehicle is  over an hour away. Just imagine your neighbors couldn.t  offer to help if they wanted to because they are in the same predictement . Just imagine...................

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