Thursday, October 31, 2013

Note from Pastor Karen of Pine Ridge Reservation

We'd like to share this post with you from Pastor Karen of Pine Ridge - she's one of those trusted by the folks who live there for her honesty and caring.

"Hi Pat,
I'm thankful for Debbie's and your generous hearts and hands.  What a wonderful organization you belong to.  We find homes for donations received pretty quickly.  Our storage area is limited and we are blessed with many contacts who put the word out to those who have a need as items become available.  We try to meet the need for warm clothing, (adult gloves are needed), disposable diapers, shoes, candles, school supplies, etc.  Members of the community have come to see us as a possible source to meet special needs - they contact us and we try to help them out.    Book bags just arrived yesterday and they look great.Thank you for all you do and thank you especially for the recent boxes of goodies we've received."

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