Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank you's

Huge thank you to Susan and her daughter Heather for donating some childrens clothes. Susan actually made some beautiful clothes for an 8 yr old girl who desperately needed school clothes.
Thank you Debbie for your continuous support and donations.
Thank you Lorie from Lakehurst for the Dr Suess childrens books.
Thank you Dorothy for always letting us know when you have found another low class area you want to help.The children must love you when they receive clothes and shoes that actually are in better condition  than what they have on.
Thanks to Bill of Browns Mills for letting us know about a struggling family, who needed coats and gloves. Lucky for us we just happened to have the sizes that were needed.
Thank you Christine of Lakehurst for donating some toiletries so we could send them to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota

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